The Kypreos Group of Companies continually seeks to provide the highest quality service and nurture the careers of those involved across the business as members of our vibrant team.


The Kypreos Group believes in building careers, providing an environment that brings out the best in our people, helping our employees make the most of their talents and work to their highest possible potential. With opportunities to be involved in high profile projects and work alongside a group of talented professionals; careers with the Kypreos Group of Companies provides the possibility to work within an environment which promotes career growth and advancement.


We believe that our people are the backbone of our company and are crucial to its success. As such we challenge our people to continually grow in their skills and abilities and encourage participation in ongoing training and development programs. 


For details of current positions and sub contracting opportunities, see our Current Positions page. Alternatively, to register your interest in a career with the Kypreos Group of Companies, please complete the form below.


The Kypreos Group offers you more than a job, rather it offers you the opportunity to grow in your career and join a family who will invest in your growth and development.


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