In our commitment to managing our environmental footprint, the Kypreos Group of Companies strives to implement the principles of ecological sustainable, policy improvement and pollution prevention in all its' current and future processes and activities.


By striving to balance the economic and operational requirements with social responsibilities, the Kypreos Group of Companies aims to minimise the impact on the environment and surrounding communities. This approach calls for innovative solutions; promoting environmental sustainability in every aspect of the business.


Our environmental management policy optimises resources, minimises waste and maximises reuse, often challenging design and construction methodologies to reduce our environmental impact. Our practices allow us to achieve the objectives of a workplace free of environmental incidents, minimised environmental impacts and continuous performance improvements.


The Kypreos Group of Companies aspires to be a leader in the industry; not only achieving compliance, but also changing the business operation environment through education and support of environmental sustainability.


The Kypreos Group holds the following Environment accreditations:

  • AS-NZS ISO 14001-2008 Environmental Management System Accreditation




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